Orlando Music Institute – Classical Music School for Youth | Private Piano Lessons & Voice Lessons
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Welcome to Orlando Music Institute, a classical-based music school that serves the children & youth of Central Florida and beyond.

Orlando Music Institute - Guitar Lessons

Guitar Program

The guitar program at Orlando Music Institute is tailored towards children and youth interested in learning how to play and perform with a guitar. Our guitar program will challenge your child to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the guitar and all its capabilities.


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Orlando Music Institute - Piano Lessons-2

Piano Program

The piano program at Orlando Music Institute prepares children and youth for a life of music. Piano is one of the best instruments to learn as it develops a foundation for anyone who has musical interest. Our piano program prepares your child to appreciate the arts, performances and competitions, and college.


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Orlando Music Institute - Singing Lessons

Voice Program

The voice program at OMI is designed for students with a passion for the performing arts. Many of our students take lead roles in musical theater productions, and are well-prepared for auditions. Our vocal students receive the necessary training to sing and perform in all types of situations and scenarios.


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