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Q? Why take music lessons?

A. The study of music benefits students of all ages. Not only is it a blessing to family members listening in on their child’s (or parent’s) practice, learning how to read and make music is one of the most personally fulfilling activities. It improves life skills such as self-discipline and a strong work ethic. It teaches how to collaborate with others and stimulates the intellect. Plus, for students who think they don’t have a creative side, taking music lessons is a chance to explore their creative abilities and talent.


Q? What is the cost?

A. At Orlando Music Institute (OMI), we try to keep music lessons at a reasonable cost for our families. The cost varies depending on lesson length, group or private lessons, and inhome lessons. The school is tuition based and allows for monthly and semester payments. Scholarships are available for approved students. Please see tuition page for more assistance.

We believe the study of music is a valuable investment in your child’s future, and we are here to help in every way we can!


Q? How old does my child have to be before starting lessons?

A. Every child develops and matures differently. However, most children are ready to begin piano or violin lessons at the age of 5-6. Group lessons are a great place to start if you are unsure of your child’s musical aptitude or interest level; not only are they cost effective, they help young children learn the basics with others their own age. Beginning voice students need to be 10 years of age or older.


Q? How much practice is needed?

A. The study of an instrument does require a practice commitment; however, the rate of progression is completely up to the student. Ideally, it is best to put as much practice as possible into your schedule. All OMI students kind-12th grade are encouraged to practice 5 days a week.


Q? Do I need my own instrument?

A. Having an instrument in your home will greatly help you or your child learn to play faster. Daily practice helps reinforce what students learn in their lessons. There are many great music stores in the Orlando area that offer quality instruments at reasonable prices.

Also, sometimes churches and local schools are willing to let their members and students practice in their facilities and/or rent instruments. It is a good idea to check with these organizations if acquiring an instrument is difficult or not possible in the near future.


Q? Do I as a parent need to be able to read music to help my child?

A. No, you don’t! But, while your child is learning to read music, it is a great opportunity for you to learn as well. We offer workbooks and supplementary material that can help you help your child.


Q? Are there performance opportunities?

A. At Orlando Music Institute, students perform in 2 recitals each year- a Christmas recital in December and a spring recital in May. Students will be asked and selected to perform during the spring semester in a masterclass with a guest artist. Local festivals and competitions are available to students through Central Florida Music Teachers Association. There are also performance classes available to help students learn the art and ease of performing.