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School Policy


A non-refundable new student registration fee of $35 per student is due at the time of enrollment. This is to cover the time required for teachers to schedule lessons and provide the necessary materials for students.


Our Developing Artist Program consists of 44 lessons over the course of 1 calendar year. Students that are beginners are encouraged to enroll in Orlando Music Institute’s Developing Artist Program. Teacher holidays will include one week for Thanksgiving, two weeks for winter holidays, one week for Spring Break, and a week of personal leave. Each student will receive 36 lessons during the fall and spring term and are required to take 8 lessons in the summer term.

The new school year, 2014-2015, will begin August, 18th, 2014. In the meantime, new students may enroll for the summer semester which starts June 1st, 2014, and can choose to enroll in the 2014-2015 school year once enrollment beings.


The monthly tuition must be paid by credit/ debit card.  The option to pay the school tuition by check is available, however; check payments must be made for a full semester Monthly tuition payments must be made on the 1st of each month in equal installments through reoccurring and automatic credit card charges. The monthly payment plan for tuition is divided into 12.5 or less payments depending on when the student starts during the year.  Tuition for the first two weeks of the fall semester is not included in the monthly reoccurring payments, and will be taken by the 1st lesson of the fall semester. Students that enroll after a semester begins will be prorated.

A $20 late fee will be assessed for declined credit/debit cards/checks not corrected by the 10th day of each month.  Payments will be made by automatic credit card charges. Please do not alter your credit card without notifying us first.


Tuition rates will be reviewed regularly in order to pay cost of rent, facility operating costs, and salaries of highly trained faculty. Everything possible is being done to keep the cost of lessons at a minimum while still maintain a standard of excellence in service.


Orlando Music Institute will eventually be offering scholarships through the Orlando Music Institute Foundation to families and students that do not have the financial means to pay for the full tuition but are serious about learning music. You will be able to apply for a scholarships by contacting the institute and requesting an application. Proof of income will be requested for all scholarship applications. If you are not sure if you will qualify or not, please feel free to contact the institute and ask any questions you might have.


One make-up lesson per semester (Fall and Spring/Summer) will be given with a 24-hour notice of absence. Failure to appear for a makeup lesson will still count as the makeup lesson. Our teachers have very full teaching schedules, and your consideration of their time is appreciated.


Because registration is for the entire year, students will take at least eight lessons during the summer (beginning of June -mid Aug.) with flexible scheduling to work around vacations and camp schedules.


It is important that the student be on-time to his lesson so that he or she will get the full amount of time allotted to him. To get the most from a weekly lesson, the student must diligently practice throughout the week. The teacher will let each student know how much he or she should practice everyday and will draw a “practice chart” on his assignment book. The assignments will include selections from all types of music to insure a well-rounded pianist. Music theory will be discussed and workbooks are assigned for further reinforcement. A parent of the student must remain in the lesson at all times, and must maintain and manage a calm and quiet environment. All children must be supervised by a parent. We highly recommend students be at their lesson 5 minutes before the start time.


Lessons can be given in your home for a fee. It is important that the student be ready when the teacher arrives.  All music should be in order and there should be a chair placed next to the piano for the teacher.  Should the teacher be late because of traffic problems, he or she will either stay later if possible or make up the time at a later date. Check the in-home policy for further information. Parents must be home during In-Home lessons.


Weekly reports are in each assignment book. Students earn trophies, medals, or ribbons based on their diligence and effort in their lesson preparation.


Each student is highly encouraged but not required to perform in at least two recitals per year. Local festivals and competitions are also available for interested students.


Music may be rented by the students for a $30 per-semester fee. Usually the students don’t need to keep their music since they will go through their books quickly and move on to more difficult material. However, if a student would like to purchase a particular selection, the teacher should be able to obtain it for the student in most cases.


Orlando Music Institute reserves the right to take photographs of the student and its family in connection with the activities of the music school.  By enrolling in Orlando Music Institutes’s program you grant authorization, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

Orlando Music Institute  may use such photographs, videos, and other forms of media of the student and its family with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.


Students are required to dress appropriately for lessons, competitions, recitals, and all OMI related activities.

Lessons: No tank-tops, low cut shirts, or shorts above the knee are acceptable. Students are not to wear clothes that are too tight or revealing. Students are expected to use this dress code and grooming guidelines as minimum standards.

Competitions & Recitals: Students should wear formal clothing for competitions, and recitals. Dress shoes are required, and no sneakers.


Orlando Music Institute reserves the right to terminate a student from its program. A typical termination would be for a lack of practice or teacher/parent conflicts. Orlando Music Institute will make a reasonable attempt to resolve any challenges that arise before any termination occurs. In the event of a termination, Orlando Music Institute reserves the right to prorate the tuition fees and provide a refund or not depending on the assessment of the situation. If a family has to relocate, Orlando Music Institute will prorate and refund its fees for the semester. In the event of a relocation, the student may also choose to receive lessons virtually over Skype.


For students that are enrolled for an entire year starting in the fall semester, they may choose to discontinue their enrollment between December 15th-31th (between the fall and spring semester) if a written notice is provided.