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Orlando Music Institute is a professional music school for committed students who desire and enjoy the art of music. Locally, we have studios located in Baldwin Park (Orlando/Winter Park), Lake Nona (Orlando), and Winter Garden (Windermere), Florida. In-home private lessons are also available all throughout Central Florida. We also offer online instruction through the latest video conferencing technology available. Our team of highly trained musicians and music educators serve students with the highest quality teaching in piano, voice, and string instruments.  We primarily serve students ages 4-17 at every level of musical expertise. Try our program by receiving 1 complementary lesson to determine if OMI is right for you and your child.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to make Central Florida a premier location for quality music education and performance. We desire to develop a greater appreciation for the art of music in Central Florida by giving the next generation an opportunity to receive the best training possible in music education. Through strategic partnerships, classical music awareness, and quality teaching, we are in the process of building a music school worthy of national and international recognition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train and educate the next generation of children & youth so that they are well equipped in the art of music and personal character.

(1) LEARN Every student will learn the fundamentals they need to play their instrument proficiently. Note reading, musicality, and technique are all important steps in mastering an instrument and are included in our music program.

(2) PLAY It is our goal that every student has the ability to play their instrument with ease whether just for fun or in a performance. Music can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies or careers, so we ensure all students play at the level they desire to reach.

(3) SHARE One of the best benefits for students learning how to play an instrument proficiently is the ability to share their talent and love for music with others. Our music program encourages students to play for other piers, friends, and family members during their learning process.

Our Expectation

Our style of teaching is designed for students to enjoy their music education experience. At the same time, we encourage and expect our students to practice and perform well, so that they will grow into mature men and women. We expect our music teachers to be equipped and well prepared to offer the highest level of education in the field of music. And, we expect our students to take their training seriously while enjoying the learning process.

Our Students

Our students are children and youth that demonstrate an interest in music and the performing arts. We best serve 2 types of students:

(1) Students that will stick with a music education to the point where they will be equipped to play or perform for the rest of their life.

(2) Students that are preparing for a life as a professional musician or professional performing artist.

Our Commitment

We value your resources and your family’s time, so we will ensure your child experiences growth through our music program.

Our Musicians & Faculty Members

Kristen Zimbardi

Executive Director

Ryan Blakemore

Piano Faculty Member

Karen L. Springer

Voice Faculty Member

Pietro Iannotti

Piano Faculty Member

Vasily Yurin

Guitar Faculty Member

Marius Tesch

Piano Faculty Member