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Guitar Program

Orlando Music Insitute’s Guitar Program

Guitar belongs to the family of plucked instruments. Playing classical guitar does not necessarily mean playing classical repertoire; rather it means to play with classical technique.  Teaching yourself playing guitar will not bring long-awaited result and having an experience instructor is essential for a progress. This is because the positioning of hands and making of sound require systematic observation and wise advice. Guitar lessons with an experienced teacher will give you the ease and technique, will take care of the development of hearing and artistic level. During lessons, a beginner will learn the proper sitting position and positioning of hands, which will allow enjoying making music without physical discomfort. Lessons are individual with only one pupil at a time.

Guitar Curriculum

History, Characteristics, and Parts of the Guitar

Positioning of the Instrument and Hands

Tuning the Guitar

Right Hand Techniques

Actions of the Left Hand; First (I) Position

Music Notation (Duration of Notes, Meter; Time Signature, Rests, Chords, Dot; Tie, Compound Meters, Scales)

Performance of Scales

Performance of Chords

Reprise / Repeat



Five and Six Note Chords

II and III Position


Staccato; Legato

Ways of Shifting Between Positions

IV and V Position

Grace Notes


Natural Harmonics


Scales with Intervals

VII and VIII Position

Playing with Nails




Artificial Harmonics